We provide the most excellent and affordable background screening services to keep the fraud employees away from your work premises. Our background screening and verification services are beneficial for all types of companies including start-ups, SMEs, government companies, MNCs, large businesses, and individuals.

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The Best Choice For Background Verification

Estable Peak is a leading background screening company in India. We provide a compliant & robust background screening process to help large enterprises, small businesses, startup’s and individuals to build successful relationships with their applicants based on trust and safety.
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We offer the fastest employee background verification services across major cities in India.

Employment Verification
We get deep with the candidate’s claims for employment eligibility & his work’s history with the former organization(s), verifying employment details, as designation, period of employment, and reasons for leaving etc..
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Education Verification
It aims at verifying educational claims of the candidates. Our experts verify the credibility of university and follow it up by confirming education credentials, including the passing year and result.
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Criminal Record
We bring in light any criminal track or police record associated with the candidate upon going through thorough local police verification with honesty, if there is any worthy to be noticed.
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Why Choose Estable Peak to Conduct Your Background Verification in India?

In India, background verification and background checks are gradually losing their status as a developing sector. Due to low hurdles to entry, inadequate oversight, and lack of accreditation, there is an abundance of dishonest and unprofessional background check businesses in the market. In a culture when money is tight, selecting the "cheapest" service provider at the expense of authenticity makes sense because background checks are now more often considered as a "check box," something that must be completed for compliance's sake.

Nonetheless, senior management, business owners, and HR departments are now aware of the advantages and even the procedures of background checks. Background checks are more than just a "check box"; they are a crucial risk-reduction tool for any company. One of the best employee background check companies in India, Estable Peak adheres to state-of-the-art digital technologies and conducts in-depth personal research to meet your business's needs while providing the most dependable, compliant, and economical background check services.

Document/identity verification, employment screening, address verification, criminal record verification, court record verification, education verification, online marksheet verification, drug testing, credit checking, social media screening, global watchlist checking, economic default checking, integrity due diligence, and additional checks as required by the client are all included in our background verification services for blue collar and white collar workers.

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Employee background screening is a cross-examination of a candidate’s commercial, criminal, employment and financial records, which Estable Peak Services smartly conducts whether it’s for organizations in India or across the globe.

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Estable Peak is a chosen species of professional & smart verifiers that always stay on with digital and automated hybrid methods for any kind of screening or verification in a speedy turnaround time. In terms of efficiency, we are unbeatable. We proactively focus on how to better the process in a time constraint, while delivering the best result with quality until you achieve satisfaction.