We provide the most excellent and affordable background screening services to keep the fraud employees away from your work premises. Our background screening and verification services are beneficial for all types of companies including start-ups, SMEs, government companies, MNCs, large businesses, and individuals.


Background Verification Services

We offer the fastest Background Verification Service

-Documents/Identity Verification

Our identity verification system uses sophisticated machine-readable algorithms to validate each and every one of a person's identity documents. The Aadhar, Pan Card, Voter ID, Driver's Licence, and Passport are among the documents that are validated.

-Drug check

An essential pre-employment background check, our Pan-India 5-Panel Drug Test or Drug Check checks for the use of amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, or PCP by potential employees. We accomplish this through our collaboration with Pan-India Laboratories.

-Past Employment Verification

Estable Peak offers a comprehensive verification service to confirm the applicant's sincerity. Known by another name, "experience check," this service verifies the veracity of a candidate's claims regarding their title, compensation, and reason for leaving, among other things.

-Credit check

We provide a full range of reliable and accurate credit check services, based mainly on each applicant's unique CIBIL report, to help you reduce the risks associated with hiring workers, tenants, and other individuals with a debt history. A candidate who is frugal with their money is always better.

-Address Verification

This verification acts as an extra layer of ID verification and is done to double-check the address provided by prospective employees. A group of field officers, both government and private, has been assembled to verify the provided addresses throughout India.

-Social Media check

Estable Peak social media background check team is dedicated to indexing the social media footprints of potential candidates, providing a new way to assess their employability. Characteristics checked include evidence of drugs, weapons, sexual misconduct, etc.

-Court Record Verification

It's crucial to look up a candidate's criminal history before hiring them. A criminal record check is a fast and efficient fix. This is accomplished through a multimillion-case court database that encompasses criminal and civil cases across the entirety of India. In order to give the criminal record more legitimacy, we also collaborate with legal firms.

-Education Verification

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals scrutinizes academic certificates and mark sheets from various universities across India to detect frauds. Estable Peakalso accesses databases of blacklisted and dubious universities across India. We work with government agencies like NAD and Digilocker and also have alliances with universities across India.

-Marksheet Verification

The most sophisticated countermeasure we can use to prevent marksheet forgeries and counterfeiting is to rigorously verify every marksheet. Direct verification is done with the authorities who issue the marksheets.